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eBlast/Listserv Request Form - NetCommunity

SYSTEM ALERT: We are waiting for 2017 to be added to the system, until then submit your requests for 2017 by entering a 2016 date and writing "2017" in the following field:

We will remove this note once the system update has occured.

-Requests require three (3) business days for processing.

-The maximum per day number of eblasts/listservs that can be processed is 5. Be aware that once the maximum number is reached all subsequent requests will be rescheduled.

-Requests are actively processed Monday through Friday from 8:30AM to 5:00PM.

-Please note, if your request is received after 1:00PM on the last day of the work week it will not be added to our queue until the following business day.

-Requests are not processed on weekends or holidays.

-The BBNC eBlast system is only available to University Advancement personnel; all requests must list a UA staff member as the contact in the form below.

-Only requests received through this form will be fulfilled.

-It is the requestor's responsibility to code opt-out requests correctly in RE within 10 business days of receipt according to the Federal Communications Commission CAN SPAM Act.

-When personalization is not required, Systems Services may produce a listserv in lieu of a BBNC eblast.

-Please note, final email content/art and query requirements must be submitted with the request.

-If an exception is granted for late receipt of art, deadline is 1:00PM the day of scheduled eblast.

-Art and all requested changes to Query or Content should include the Job ID Number (date/time stamp) provided to you on your copy of the entered request. Looks like this 2015-10-12 13:40:36 (do not change the format). It ties all of the elements related to your job together on our end.

-If you submit a request and do not receive a copy from us within 48 hours, 2 business days, call Monica Hoo 305-284-4306.

***Please check Basecamp Calendar availability before submitting a send date***

If this request is from an area other than medical please select "Gables/Rosenstiel".

(e.g., School of Business Administration, Alumni Relations, Events Management, etc.)

Select all that apply.

Contact Person: This should be the person that can answer questions about this request.


eBlast Request Details

If date is flexible provide an alternate initial send date in case the preferred date is not available.

If there is any change to content or the initial query, it is not a resend and requires a new request. Best practices do not recommend a resend. Please consider changing your subject line.

Please enter Event ID # here.

Max. 70 characters. Best practices state that concise call to action subject lines have the best open rates.

(Ex. Young Alumni Committee)


Include all addresses you want to receive test eBlasts. (Ex.

Email Address you wish users to reply to.

Failures Notifications are to be sent to the following address.

You may also upload this to your job on Basecamp: Please contact Monica Hoo at if you do not have access.

Parameters for RE query pull of audience you'd like the eBlast sent to. (Ex. Law Class of 2011 who gave $10 or more). Contact Tiffany Bowser,, if you need help defining parameters.

Preferred formats -.txt, -.xlsx, -.csv.(The system does not support uploading files with any special characters.)

Max file size: 10Mb

If a constituent decides to unsubscribe from this email/listserv, this is the Solicit Code you will apply to unsubscribe requests in RE for this eblast/listserv.

Disclaimer: eblast requests are governed by Policy F160 Email for Schools & Colleges.